This was the poem I used to open and close our meeting on What Motivates You the week of 5/6/12:

Came in here feeling so great,

I knew I was going to lose this weight.

Heard the plan, took it to heart,

Went straight home to do my part.

Planning, shopping, tracking, walking-

My weight loss will have everybody talking!

3 pounds, 2 pounds, one point four

Weight Watchers is great and my losses can’t be ignored!

Uh oh, didn’t track today,

And didn’t exercise to my dismay.

I know I’ll be up a little this week

Which will leave me feeling a little bleak.

Vacation, family, holidays and rain

Tough week, no loss, enthusiam is beginning to wane.

What to do, I did indeed gain,

I’ve been here before and I’m feeling the pain.

It WAS working, I was really on track,


Going to the meetings helps keep “it in my face”

One week at a time, this is not a race.

Focus on the basics that have worked for me before...

Remembering the reasons that I first came in the door.

Hold my self accountable for all that I do eat,

And accept the ups and downs so success and I will meet.

What! I lost this week and I even had some wine!

Weight Watchers is great and I’m doing just fine!

For those of you at a meeting the week of April 23, below is the closing from this meeting. I think it might serve us all as a reminder of


Food can fill our stomachs.

It cannot fill our souls.

Food can nourish our bodies.

It cannot nourish our hearts and minds.

Food can make our taste buds happy.

It cannot make us happy.

Food can give momentary pleasure.

It cannot give lasting pleasure.

Food can distract us from our pain.

It cannot take away our pain.

—Author unknown