As promised, here is a list of snacks put together by leaders throughout the country. Please feel free to add any of your own. Remember, the more we have on this website, the better it will be.

(WW) String cheese and grapes or a small apple
Fiber One Yogurt, Fiber One and fruit
Small banana and Peanut Butter
WW Smoothie made with water and berries
Caramel Latte smoothie made with cold leftover coffee and lots of ice- 1 point and it tastes like a Coolata or Frappucino
Fiber 1 yogurt and 1/4 cup Fiber 1 cereal stirred into it
Vitatop Double Chocolate Muffin Tops (or any flavor-available in freezer section of grocery store or online)
Vita top muffin(heated in microwave for 20 sec.) with WW yogurt on top
1/2 C Fiber One Cottage Cheese mixed with one 6oz container Activia light yogurt
Bagel thins & WW cream cheese
sandwich thins, toasted, with cream cheese, peanut butter, fruit spread
98% ff lunchmeat wrapped around a pickle
94% FF popcorn with a little olive oil drizzled on- a great way to get the oils in
Any cut up veggies with hidden valley ranch DRY dressing shaken over them
Cut up fruit with sugar free Jello or PB2 shaken over them.
Popcorn with sugar free Jello shaken over it.
Cucumber, tomato, onion,& balsamic vinegar with Feta Cheese on top.
Gazpacho Soup
Apple & peanut butter
Laughing cow cheese & celery
carrots & low fat cream cheese
Fruit Dip!
4oz flavored yogurt-your favorite
4oz FF cream cheese
mixes best with the food processor
WW vanilla smoothie + frozen berries + berry yogurt
Laughing cow cheese and WW multi grain crisps.
Thin sliced turkey breast with spicy mustard wrapped around a dill pickle spears.
1 s/f, f/f chocolate pudding with 1 small cup of mandarin oranges (with spenda) so the whole =2pts
Raw veggies and a hard-boiled egg.
sandwich thin with a wedge of the Laugh Cow cheese ( I prefer garlic and herb) spread on the both sides and cucumber slices all over it
Baby Carrots
WW Fudge Bar broken up over a banana & a little cool whip
Skim Milk with Sugar Free Chocolate Syrup
Brown Rice Chips - 33 for 2 points with fresh salsa or 2 TBS. Sabra Supremely Spicy Hummus
Frozen grapes
Frozen Frosted Grapes - Wet grapes and dip in SF Jello mix. Freeze on cookie sheet, single layer.
Granny Smith Apple with peanut butter or WW Jalapeno wedge cheese.
Buffalo Chicken Breast wrapped around a small slice of avocado with salsa.
Fresh Salsa and celery
Banana, dipped in Walden Farm 0 calorie chocolate syrup and frozen (sometimes roll in chopped almonds before freezing)
La Tortilla Factory 1 point wrap cut into triangles, sprayed with cooking spray and baked. Makes a great tortilla chip for salsa, guacamole or hummus
La Tortilla Factory 1 point wrap with ff refried beans, low fat Mexican blend cheese and salsa, rolled up - microwave and cut up
Fiber One Haystacks
Three hard-boiled egg whites
sugar free 60 calorie chocolate pudding- microwave for 15 seconds (remove the top first) and pour over a 1 point WW Fudge Bar (with stick removed and put into a bowl) as hot fudge sauce. = 2 points
cocktail toast, cream cheese and Italian seasoning mixed in. Top it with a cucumber slice and a little dill
1 pt hot dog bun
small banana with Peanut Butter (a banana dog)
dill dip made with a container of the plain greek yogurt instead of sour cream, I also added about a teaspoon of the olive oil mayo...with carrot chips and cucumbers
celery ribs filled with Lite Laughing cow cheese
WW baked snacks with salsa
cucumbers and tomatoes topped with a little omega plus oil and sprinkled with Mrs. Dash
1 15oz can garbanzo beans
1 tsp olive oil
1 clove garlic
1/4 cup ff vegetable broth
roasted red peppers and a dash of hot sauce are optional
Blend in food processor until dip consistency.
1 point per serving. Eat with fresh vegetables

Fruit Dip
4oz flavored FF yogurt-your favorite
4oz FF cream cheese
mixes best with the food processor