For those of you without Smart Phones, below are the links that I promised you from last week's meeting:

At home:

Stuck in the office:

With baby:

Traveling for business:

You might also like to take a look at:
She's got some good recipes on there too!

New Web Find:

Want to learn more about e-tools and also get some brand new recipes?

Check this out on

Go to Your Plan

Click on Plan Essentials

Go to Using the Site and click on Discovery Game! Have fun and enjoy the recipes!
Recommended by a lovely young woman who I was speaking with while waiting for my car to be inspected. Some interesting recipes and she's converting them to PointsPlus. See the recipe I posted on the PointsPlus page.

Linda sent this article to me. It is certainly an eye opener. Who would have thunk? We think we're doing the right thing when we order a salad in a restaurant, right? Think again!,,h67hjccm,00.html

Looking for some new and interesting ways to get that activity in? Check out this website. There's even uTube videos for some of them. Really cool!

Try this website from Karen:

Bumped this one up because it has a lot of great recipes. If you sign up, you could save your recipes to my spot. You could also print out coupons from this site.

Here is a website where you could find lots of good for you recipes with nutritional facts:

Meals for Four Under $20 each:
Food shopping tips for singles & large families:

Guides to picks of the season (“Market Fresh”):

A starter shopping list:

These website finds from Noelle. Thanks so much, Noelle!

How does your meal add up? Use our fast food calorie counter to calculate the calories and fat you consume when eating at fast-food restaurants.

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Food Tags-fast food


Food Database

This is the website that I was talking about at the meeting on Monday. I have used it for Thanksgiving and It is great! There are so many choices to choose from, including desserts (my favorite :-)). When you get to the page look on the right hand side and the weight watchers links are located underneath helpful links and contact us. There are links under the holiday recipes. If you scroll toward the end of the page there are many other weight watcher links. I hope that everyone enjoys the recipes. Have a great holiday! -Erin

Erin, great find! You should all check it out. There are other WW recipes, not just holiday. Thanks, Erin!

Here are the websites for all of those great WW cookie recipes that I had posted on the Recipes of the Week page.,1-0,weight_watchers_cookie,FF.html

Great Looking Sugar Cookies

Eat This Not That - Check out the website. You could sign up for a daily newsletter. They also have a book out by the same name. They have one for adults and one for kids. Check it out on Amazon. I just ordered mine there. Thank you Melissa!

Here's some info from Hungry Girl on the importance of protein for breakfast.

Protein... Yes, It ROCKS!

We've been singing protein's praises FOREVER. But now studies show that people who start their day with protein-packed breakfasts actually feel more satisfied and are more likely to stay on track throughout the day. Click for more on that. We're all about low-calorie, high-protein scrambles here at HG (go, Egg Beaters!). Click here for our Ginormous Oven-Baked Omelette recipe. And click HERE if you're interested in winning a Sunrise Surprise Party (a fully catered brunch bash for 25) at your very own home, hosted by Lisa, aka Hungry Girl herself. YEE-HAAAAAA!!!

Healthy Living article on Why losing weight is harder than gaining:

Here is the website for the Sugar Free drink mixes that I told you all about:

Here's another to help with that shopping list:

If anyone is interested in beginning running, here's a website that a member told me about. You can download the podcast that gives you 9 weeks of training. It's pretty cool.

Here is the website for Hungry Girl that we talk about in the meetings:

Check this one out! The chocolates sound really good.

If you're looking for points to carnival foods and amusement park foods, you need to look here:

Eat, Shrink and Be Merry! is what appears to be a wonderfully entertaining cookbook with some great recipes that are lo-fat. Included are the nutritional facts so you could figure the points. I just ordered 2 copies for the price of 1 at the website below. There are also sample recipes for you to look at. They have another book called Crazy Plates. You could order it used on Amazon for $2.82 + $3.99 S/H.
Tonja, thanks for sharing your book today.

This one is from Sharon K:

Just surfing today and I came across a website call It is a free website where you can get short workouts by selecting what type of workout you want to do. I tried some today and it was great!

This is a great website to get nutritional info on foods that don't normally have a label, like fresh fruits or veggies.

For a virtual model of yourself and to be able to shop and try on, online, check out this website: